samedi 7 novembre 2009

Kenny Loggins "How About Now (2008)

Label : One Eighty Music
Support : CD

1 - A Year's Worth Of Distance (Kenny Loggins & Mike Reid)
2 - A Love Song (Kenny Loggins & Dona Lyn George Wails)
3 - I'll Remember Your Name (Kenny Loggins & Richard Marx)
4 - How About Now (Kenny Loggins & Gary Burr)
5 - I Don't Want To Hate You Anymore (Kenny Loggins & Frank Myers)
6 - That's When I Find You (Kenny Loggins & Beth Nielsen Chapman)
7 - If You Never Been There (Kenny Loggins & Annie Roboff)
8 - Truth Is (Kenny Loggins & Beth Nielsen Chapman)
9 - Too Much (Never Get Enough) (Kenny Loggins & Rachel Proctor)
10 - This Too Will Pass (Kenny Loggins, Radney Foster & Darrell Brown)
11 - I'm A free Man Now (Kenny Loggins & Gary Burr)
12 - One Last Goodbye Song (Kenny Loggins & Gary Burr)

Producers : Kenny Loggins & Jesse Siedenberg
Guitars : Tom Bukavoc, Paul Cartwright, Todd Hannigan, Jeff King, Randy Kohrs, Kenny Loggins, B. James Lowry, Richard Marx, Will Owsley, Jeff Pevar, Jesse Siedenberg
Bass : Richard Brannan, Mark Hilt, Dave Marotta, Jesse Siedenberg, Craig Young
Keyboards : Gabe Dixon, Charlie Judge, Jimmy Nichols, Mike Reid, Jesse Siedenberg
Drums : Steve Brewster, Steve Distanislao, Dan Needham, Jesse Siedenberg
Percussion : Lenny Castro, Dan Needham, Jesse Siedenberg 
String Arrangement : Paul Cartwright, Marc Mann, Jimmy Nichols
Harmonica : Tom Ball
Guest Vocal : Crosby Loggins (3), Lois Mahalia (6), Rachel Proctor (9)
Background vocals : Robert Bailey, Gary Burr, Kendra Car, Chip Davis, Shateria Dayoe, Vicki Hampton, Richard Marx, Sandra Penix, Jesse Siedenberg, Grisanthia Stencil, Kevin Stencil, Fredrick Vaughn