dimanche 4 octobre 2009

Peter Cetera "One Clear Voice" (1995)

Label : River North Records
Support : CD

1 - The End Of Camelot (Peter Cetera & Andy Hill)
2 - Faithfully (Chuck Jones & Pam Rose)
3 - (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight (Eric Carmen & Andy Goldmark)
4 - Apple Of Your Daddy' Eye (Peter Cetera & Jack Conrad)
5 - One Clear Voice (Beeson & Martin)
6 - Wanna Be There (Peter Cetera & Andy Hill)
7 - The Lucky Ones (Peter Cetera, Bruce Gaitsch & James Newton Howard)
8 - Still Getting Over You (Peter Cetera & Andy Hill)
9 - S.O.S. (Anderson, Ulvaeus & Anderson)
10 - And I Think Of You (Peter Cetera & Andy Hill)
11 - Happy Man (Peter Cetera)

Producers : Peter Cetera & Andy Hill
Guitars : Marc Beeson, Paul Franklin, Bruce Gaitsch, Andy Hill, Dann Huff, Kevin Kronin, Brent Rowan
Bass : Andy Hill, Gary Lunn, Pino Palladino, Michael Rhodes, Jeffrey C.J. Vanston, Willie Weeks
Keyboards : Pat Coil, Claude Gaudette, Andy Hill, John Hobbs, Rick Holbrook, James Newton Howard, Tim Truman, Jeffrey C.J. Vanston, Randy Waldman
Drums : Eddie Bayers, Graham Broad, Paul Leim, Todd Sucherman
Percussion : Paulinho Da Costa
Saxophone : Dana Glover, Dan Higgins 
String Arrangement : Ronn Huff, Tim Truman
Duet : Crystal Bernard (3), Donna Reeves (9)
Background vocals : Crystal Bernard, Bob Bowker, Keithen Carter, Claire Cetera, Peter Cetera, Yvonne Gage, Tom Griffin, Steve Grissette, Chuck Jones, Jeff Morrow, Tony Ransom, Robin Robinson, Stevie Robinso, Pam Rose, Johnny Rutledge, Rob Trow, Josie Warner & Cheryl Wilson