dimanche 4 octobre 2009

Michael McDonald "Blue Obsession" (2000)

Label : RAMP Records
Support : CD

1 - All I Need (Michael McDonald & Tommy Sims)
2 - No Love To Be Found (Michael McDonald & Bernie Chiaravalle)
3 - Obsession Blues (Michael McDonald & Bernie Chiaravalle)
4 - Where Would I Be Now (Tony Joe White & Michael McDonald)
5 - Build Upon It (Bernie Chiaravalle & Michael McDonald)
6 - The Meaning Of Love (Michael McDonald & Jim Photoglo)
7 - Open The Door (Michael McDonald & Tommy Sims)
8 - Kikwit Town (Michael McDonald & Chester Thompson)
9 - Down By The River (Neil Young)
10 - Someday You Will (Michael McDonald & Bernie Chiaravalle)
11 - Ain't That Peculiar (William Robinson, Warren Moore, Marvin Tapplin & Robert Rodgers)
12 - You Can't Make It Love (Michael McDonald & John Scott Sherrill)

Producers : Bernie Chiaravale, Michael McDonald, David Pack, Chris Pelonis & Tommy Sims
Guitars : Bernie Chiaravalle, George Cocchini, Gordon Kennedy, Viktor Krauss, William Owsley, David Pack, Chris Pelonis, Chris Rodriguez, Tommy Sims
Bass : Chris Kent, Tommy Sims, Todd Smith
Keyboards : Tim Akers, Marc Harris, Bill Livsey, Michael McDonald, Johnny Neel, David Pack, Tommy Sims
Drums : Dan Needham, George Perilli, Yvette Preyer, Chester Thompson, Brian Zsupnik
Percussion : Bernie Chiaravalle, Danny Duncan, Terry McMillan, Yvette Preyer, Tom Roady
Saxophone : Mark Douthit, Sam Levine, Doug Moffet, Denis Solee
Horns : Barry Green, Mike Haynes, Bobby Taylor
Strings : The Nashville String Machine
Horn Arrangement : Tim Akers, Tommy Sims
String Arrangement : Tim Akers, Ron Huff, Tommy Sims
Duet : Tommy Sims (1), Toby McKeehan (11), Wendy Moten (2)
Background vocals : Karla Bonoff, Rodney Covington, Stacy Covington, Christopher Cross, Deloris Cox, Tabitha Fair, Ladry Fayne, Amy Holland, Pamela Holman, Joey Kibble, Alfreda McCrary, Michael McDonald, Toby McKeehan, Claude McKnight, Wendy Moten, Tiffany Palmer, Angelo Petrucci, Veronica Petrucci, Demetria Slaydon, Kevin Max Smith, Nicole Smith, Duwane Starling, Nicol Smith, Michael Tait, Timothy Terry & Chris Willis