vendredi 2 octobre 2009

Glenn Frey "Solo Collection" (1995)

Label : MCA Records
Support : CD

1 - This Way To Happiness (Glenn Frey, Jay Oliver & Jack Tempchin)
2 - Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed (Bobby Whitlock & Jack Tempchin)
3 - Common Ground (Glenn Frey & Jack Tempchin)
4 - Call On Me (theme from "South Of Sunset") (Glenn Frey & Jack Tempchin)
5 - The One You Love (Glenn Frey & Jack Tempchin)
6 - Sexy Girl (Glenn Frey & Jack Tempchin)
7 - Smuggler's Blues (music from the television series "Miami Vice") (Glenn Frey & Jack Tempchin)
8 - The Heat Is On (theme from "Beverly Hills Cop") (Keith Forsey & Harold Faltermeyer)
9 - You Belong To The City (music from the television "Miami Vice") (Glenn Frey & Jack Tempchin)
10 - True Love (Glenn Frey & Jack Tempchin)
11 - Soul Searchin' (Glenn Frey, Jack Tempchin & Duncan Cameron)
12 - Part Of Me, Part Of You (theme from "Thelma & Louise") (Glenn Frey & Jack Tempchin)
13 - I've Got Mine (Glenn Frey & Jack Tempchin)
14 - River Of Dreams (Glenn Frey & Jack Tempchin)
15 - Rising Sun (Jay Oliver & Glenn Frey)
16 - Brave New World (Glenn Frey & Jack Tempchin)

Producers : Allan Blazek, Barry Beckett, Harold Faltermeyer, Keith Forsey, Glenn Frey, Jim Ed Norman, Elliot Scheiner & Don Was
Guitars : Duncan Camero, Glenn Frey, Mark Goldenberg, Danny Grenier, Josh Le, Rick Vito
Bass : Harold Faltermayer, Glenn Frey, Bryan Garofal, David Hood, Jay Oliver, Jerry Scheff
Keyboards : Barry Beckett, Robbie Buchanan, Harold Faltermayer, Glenn Frey, Steve Nathan, Jay Olive, Benmont Tench, Steve Thoma, Scott Thurston
Drums : Kenny Aronoff, Scott Crago, Keith Forsey, Roger Hawkins, Michael Huey, Larrie Londin, Jay Oliver
Percussion : Steve Forman, Ralph MacDonald
Saxophone : Bill Bergman, Al Garth, Jim Horn, Chris Mostert, Ernie Watts
Horns : Darrell Leonard, Greg Smith
Horns Arrangements :  Glenn Frey, Greg Smith
Strings Arrangements : Nick DeCaro, Glenn Frey, Jim Ed Norman
Background vocals : Duncan Cameron, Laura Creamer, Keith Forsey, Glenn Frey, Roy Galloway, The Institutional Radio Choir, Donna McDaniels, Jack Tempchin, Julia Tillman Waters, Luther Waters, Oren Waters & Maxine Willard Waters