mardi 13 octobre 2009

Amy Grant "House Of Love" (1994)

Label : A&M Records
Support : CD

1 - Lucky One (Amy Grant & Keith Thomas)
2 - Say You'll Be Mine (Amy Grant, Keith Thomas & Wayne Kirkpatrick)
3 - Whatever It Takes (Amy Grant, Keith Thomas & Gary Chapman)
4 - House Of Love (Wally Wilson, Kenney Greenberg & Greg Barnhill)
5 - The Power (Judson Spence & Tommy Simms)
6 - Oh How The Years Go By (Simon Climie & Will Jennings)
7 - Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell)
8 - Helping Hand (Tommy Sims, Amy Grant & Beverly Darnall)
9 - Politics Of Kissing (Clif Magness, Amy Grant & Wayne Kirkpatrick)
10 - Love Has A Hold On Me (Amy Grant & Keith Thomas)
11 - Our Love (Amy Grant & Tom Hemby)
12 - Children Of The World (Tommy Simms, Amy Grant & Wayne Kirkpatrick)

Producers : Michael Omartian & Keith Thomas
Guitars : Gary Chapman, Scott Dente, Jerry Douglas, Kenny Greenberg, Tom Hemby, Dann Huff, Jerry McPherson, Bill Owsley, Brent Rowan, Judson Spence
Bass : Danny O'Lannerghty, Tommy Simms
Keyboards : Tom Hemby, Phil Madeira, Michael Omartian, Keith Thomas
Drums : Chad Cromwell, Mark Hammond, Chris McHugh
Drum programming : Tom Hemby, Mark Hammond, Tommy Simms, Keith Thomas
Drum Sequencing : Michael Omartian
Percussion : Eric Darken, Terry McMillan
Saxophone : Mark Douthit
Horns : Michael Haynes, Doug Moffet, George Tidwell
Horn Arrangement : Michael Omartian
String Arrangement : Ronn Huff, Keith Thomas
Duet : Vince Gill (4)
Background vocals : Leann Albrecht, Lisa Bevill, Athena Cage, Gary Chapman, Ashley Cleveland, Butch Curry, Jackie Cusic, Beverly Darnall, Ada Dyer, Gail Farrell, Rick Gibson, Lisa Glasgow, Amy Grant, David Holloway, Sarah Huffman, Lisa Keith, Donna McElroy, Michael Mellett, Donny Monk, Ellen Musick, Guy Penrod, Gary Robinson, Chris Rodriguez, Tommy Simms, Judson Spence, Beau Stroupe, Kristine Stroupe, Leah Taylor, Melodie Tunney, Audrey Wheeler, Scott Williamson & Chris Willis